Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs are primarily intended to help users with mobile app usage.

How to login or register?

When you open the app for the first time, you will see a couple of skippable welcome cards. After that, you will reach the topic selection page. If you already have an account, just tap on the sign-in button on the top right of the screen. If you are new to the app, select at least 3 topics of interest and tap on the continue button. You will now reach the register page which is very similar to the login page. supports social logins with Facebook, Google and Twitter. You can skip the registration if you want to continue anonymously but you will not be able to like or comment and will not be able to use many fundamental features of the app.

How to go to settings?

In the mobile app, click on your profile picture/name on for you page or tools page. It will take you to your profile page if you are logged in. There you can see a gear icon on the top right. Tap on it to go to settings.

How to select/deselect my interests?

The topic of interest can be chosen right after you open the app and proceed to register. Also, on the Topics tab of the app, you can choose the tile with "+" icon to go to the topic selection page. You must choose at least 3 topics of interst.

Why do I see content not related to the topics I have chosen?

Our algorithm tries to predict and suggest contents that might be unrelated to topics of interest you have chosen. For example, let's suppose you start reading, liking and commenting on trending political content. But you do not follow politics. However, since you are actively interacting with political content, might suggest and show you more political content. The same might happen for many other types of topics.

How do I delete my account?

Please drop a mail to via your registered email telling us to delete your account. You might be asked for identification or identifying questions to continue the deletion of your account.

How to change language?

Go to settings (Learn here.) Tap on "Language Settings". Choose between Nepali, English or All (All is for both).

What are the tabs "For you", "Topics" and "Tools"?

The "For you" tab tries to show you contents as close as possible to the topics of interest chosen by you.

The "Topics" tab shows tiles for each of the topics of your interest. Each tile has a thumbnail relating to the topic. A tile with "+" icon is present at the end which can be tapped to get into the topic selection page.

The "Tools" tab has a number of e-tools that can help a Nepali or people living/working in Nepal. Few of the tools present are VAT Calculator, Income Tax Calculator, Foreign Exchange, Gold Silver Price, Fuel Price and Stock Price.

There is a search icon at the top right of the "For You" tab. Tap on it to get into the search page. Type the phrase on the text box at the top and tap enter to search for content.

How does receive the contents?

For news content, we parse the RSS feeds of trusted News Sources in Nepal. Few of the sites' webpages are scraped for content or our scraper goes through the Open Graph metadata of the webpages.